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Welcome to The Florida Tenther. We are Florida advocates of liberty delivering dangerous ideas of freedom door to door.

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Getting Real About Taxes

As AIER Research Director Phil Magness recently pointed out, a wealth tax on unrealized capital gains like that recently proposed by the...

Federal Reserve Failure

What do the Federal Reserve and neoconservatives have in common? They both refuse to admit that their policies — the neocons’ promotion...

Against the Left

https://mises.org/library/against-left Against the Left explores something basic to libertarianism that many people today have forgotten....

Why Authoritarianism Must Prevail

Freedom anywhere is a threat to authoritarianism everywhere. That is why authoritarians must destroy all freedom and why liberty lovers,...

Pro-Life, Pro-Liberty

Abortion has returned to the headlines thanks to Texas’ “heartbeat law.” As the name suggests, this law outlaws abortions performed after...

Money and the Constitution

Ratified between 1771 and 1781, the Articles of Confederation remained in force until they were superseded by the Constitution in 1788....


It's great to see you again!

The Florida Tenther Returns!

We're back and just as  feisty, engaging and enraging as ever. Join us as we torch the war mongers, police - staters, socialists and Trumpers with equal impunity. We've got the big guns this time with Editor and Director of Legislative Affairs John Hallman and Editor and Director for Civil Liberties John Baeza.


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Thanks for your interest in The Florida Tenther. For more information, please contact John Hallman, Editor and Director of Legislative Affairs at JohnHallman@JohnHallman.org; or John Baeza, Editor and Director of Civil Liberties at John.J.Baeza@gmail.com