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Welcome to The Florida Tenther

Pro Liberty, Anti State, Anti War

Welcome to The Florida Tenther. We are Florida advocates of liberty delivering dangerous ideas of freedom door to door.

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We Need a Revolution

monday january 10, 2022 A recent Washington Post/University of Maryland poll found that 34 percent of Americans think violent action...

2022: The Year of the Hangover?

The global recovery has slowed down significantly since the peak of the reopening effect in June 2021. What many expected would be a...

The Problem with "Left vs. Right"

12/30/2021 Gary Galles As a libertarian, I have long objected to being characterized on a left-right political spectrum (as with studies...

How We Will Win

You do not defend a world that is already lost. When was it lost? That you cannot say precisely. It is a point for the revolutionary...

The Lee Monument Time Capsule

Liberty Defined

[This address was given before the Mont Pelerin Society at St. Moritz, Switzerland, on September 4, 1957.] There are times when one's...

Getting Real About Taxes

As AIER Research Director Phil Magness recently pointed out, a wealth tax on unrealized capital gains like that recently proposed by the...

Federal Reserve Failure

What do the Federal Reserve and neoconservatives have in common? They both refuse to admit that their policies — the neocons’ promotion...

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Thanks for your interest in The Florida Tenther. For more information, please contact John Hallman, Editor and Director of Legislative Affairs at; or John Baeza, Editor and Director of Civil Liberties at

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