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Thank you Ragnar Danneskjold for Wilton Simpson-Just the Truth

Wilton Simpson-Just the Truth is one of the best political Face Book groups created and maintained. They created it to expose the anti-gun, questionable left leaning state senator Wilton Simpson. Whether Simpson wins or loses the Agricultural Commissioner primary, Ragnar has triumphed.

Since its creation on April 13,2022, over 400 members joined. Many donations to Simpson PACs from anti gun and left wing donors published. A much more worthy candidate for Ag Commissioner has been identified and group members are examining their ballots more closely for the dreaded RINO in their midst. Small steps but significant steps. This is Pasco county where Chris Nocco is dreamy and good Republicans vote red as they are told.

I hope the group remains after today’s republican primary.

Besides the heavy lifting, thank you Ragnar for letting me join and comment. You never know what this anti-state, non-filtered libertarian secessionist might have blurted out.

Whatever you do, stick around. You’ve spoiled us.

Andrew Nappi is the original Florida Tenth Amendment Center state director. Nappi was blessed to be able to work with Michael Boldin in those early days and has remained passionate about state nullification and the duty to resist federal over reach.

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