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Countdown to Bills Being Filed in the Florida Legislature.

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

I wanted to send everybody a note that my weekly Florida Legislative updates will begin in just a few weeks. After the November 8th General Election, the Florida Legislature convenes for their “Organization Session”.

An organization session is the first formal day in a legislative term of a Florida state Senate and House member and convenes for the exclusive purpose of organization and selection of officers.

The date of an organization session is the 14th day following a general election. The organization session is a day of ceremonial events where family members and friends watch legislators get sworn in.

After legislators are sworn in, they can begin filing bills for the 2023 Florida legislative session. The official “60-Day Regular Session” begins on Tuesday, March 7th, 2023, but the Florida Legislature will begin meeting in Tallahassee for interim committee Weeks which could start in early December.

The interim committee weeks will begin the legislative work of hearing bills, adding amendments, and if reported favorably, moving the bill to the next committee of reference. During interim committee Weeks, the Legislature may perform all legislative activities except have floor votes on the final passage of a bill, which can only be done during the 60-day regular session.

Besides the possibility of a December interim committee week, there will be two interim committee weeks in January and three interim committee weeks in February.

These early interim committee weeks are critical, much of what will pass or fail for the next session is decided in these early committee weeks.

I will keep you posted.

In Liberty,

John Hallman

PS: If you would like to keep up with the ongoings in Tallahassee please become a subscriber today.

About John Hallman

John Hallman is an active, longtime voice in all levels of Florida politics and is a veteran of advocating issues of liberty in the Florida legislature. John has spent the last 20 years learning the real nature of the legislative process in Tallahassee and has learned what works and does not work through his personal experience. John Hallman assists clients with lobbying efforts, promoting issues before legislators and executive branch officials regarding pending and proposed legislation. While in Tallahassee, John has represented such groups as the Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida, Florida Taxpayers Union, Cut Property Taxes Now, The Second Amendment Coalition of Florida, The Florida Campaign for Liberty, and Liberty First Network. John teaches legislative activists training schools, is a frequent guest on radio talk shows, and has written numerous articles promoting liberty

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