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Welcome to The Florida Tenther

Pro Liberty, Anti State, Anti War

Welcome to The Florida Tenther. We are Florida advocates of liberty delivering dangerous ideas of freedom door to door.

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Why Declare War?

Most agree that war is good for “uh! absolutely nothin’.” Unfortunately, it remains a part of life and, for too many people, death....

What Is the Conservative Movement?

04/19/2012 The American Enterprise Institute (AEI) sponsored what it called a debate on February 8 over the question "Are libertarians a...

It’s Always about Fear.

A National Terrorism Advisory Service bulletin released last week identified the number one terroristic threat to Americans as “the...

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Thanks for your interest in The Florida Tenther. For more information, please contact John Hallman, Editor and Director of Legislative Affairs at; or John Baeza, Editor and Director of Civil Liberties at

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