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Can James Shaw defeat Wilton Simpson in the Republican primary?

Can James Shaw defeat Wilton Simpson in the Republican primary for Agriculture Commissioner? The Florida Tenther thinks the longshot win has a small window to win remaining.

Wilton Simpson has been my state senator from his very first day in office. I believe Wilton affirms each day with“Ask not what Wilton can do for you, but what can Wilton do for Wilton Simpson?”

The thought of allowing Simpson another four years in the office at anything is cringing and creepy. Florida has already squandered four years of this Cabinet position on Nikki Fried. There is no more time to waste to get the Agriculture Commissioner’s office in order.

The Agriculture Commissioner will lead an agency employing thousands of people with a budget of well over one billion dollars. Besides agricultural commodities, the agency is charged with consumer services protection and an array of outreach programs.

It is also a cabinet position with some autonomy. The Agriculture Commissioner oversees the distribution of concealed carry permits. This is a hot button issue for gun people who suspect having the self-proclaimed author of Florida’s red flag and gun control laws in charge of CCWs. People should never forget Wilton’s treachery. The political class forgives him. DeSantis and Trump endorse Wilton. This says more about them than Mr.Shaw's candidacy.

This pull quote shows Mr. Shaw understands the size and scope of the position he seeks.

“Fellow Floridians:

Don’t take the position of Florida Commissioner of Agriculture lightly! It consists of:

-300 commodities

-19 Departments

-3600 employees

In a nutshell, it touches every aspect of every Floridian, everyday.

It needs a seasoned manager, with education, business, and life experience.

A no nonsense individual who will protect your rights, when it comes to your daily life.

-Farmers don’t need useless restrictions.

-Consumers need a good product at a fair price.

- Gun owners can never be forced to disarm or compromise.

My name is James W. Shaw married 40 years, 8 children, 22 grandchildren. I have a lot to protect! I’m in your corner.”

*Let Farmers Farm

 Farmer's need the ability to produce the best, hear lthiest product, in the most efficient low cost manner. The Florida Agriculture Team and Farmer's working together need to make this goal a reality.


Mr. Shaw is serious. The pull quotes from his site shown above speak to this. Many potential voters want to hear more on Florida Hemp. The Ag Department has a large program underway and is taking applications for more hemp endeavors. Florida, as the sunshine state, should lead all things hemp from hemp cereals to hemp construction products. We need to move the ball forward on legalizing marijuana. I didn’t see these anywhere on Mr. Shaw’s website. There’s only fifteen days out to the polls. This is a discussion that a successful candidate must be having. There is a very significant voter population looking for an Ag Commissioner who supports the state legalization of marijuana. We need to know his thoughts on this.

The US Constitution does not allow the federal government to enact or enforce drug laws, including the outlawing of marijuana. To advance its own industry and sustainability, Florida should ignore all federal law interfering with hemp cultivation and all state law should recognize marijuana as a legal substance.

Mr. Shaw appears to be the hardest working guy out there in the competition. He has the personality of a self-made man straight out of the old Hollywood casting studios. But he’s real. This man isn’t acting. He deserves our attention.

There isn’t time, however, to speak to 912 or left-over Tea Party groups live.

Coordinate a time and do a zoom meeting with these. Do live meetings to reach out to other constituencies. Black farmers are having difficulties and need to know what they can expect from the new department commissioner. Libertarians want to hear from you on more than guns. Martha Bueno in Miami would be an excellent choice to call today to find out more about south Florida’s hemp farmers. Boomer echo chambers are good votes but they are not representative of the agricultural constituencies needed for the overall win.

It’s very clear Mr. Shaw understands the size and scope of the position he seeks. Time is running short. To beat Wilton Simpson every day must be one of expanding name recognition and being clear on food issues. Maximize the use of technology today. Next week is too late.

Consider setting up going live segments on Face Book. Take a quick look at Dennis Misigoy, who is running as the LP candidate for US Senator. Dennis has a live schedule that keeps his audience growing and up to date.

Get your media guys to have you on some podcasts popular with voters 18-45. It takes more than the Golden Corral crowd to win in Florida today.

Wilton has a ton of money to drop in this race, and he’s doing it. He has all the establishment endorsements. He can still lose. Thomas Dewey went to bed in 1948 expecting to wake up as the president. He lost to Harry Truman.

Wilton can lose this. And he should.

Mr. Shaw can win this. Whether he does will be up to how fast his anti-establishment Republican base can press the momentum he has been building. He must use technology more efficiently in the next two weeks. People other than the 50–100-year-old senior special dining voter segment must realize Mr. Shaw as a viable alternative to the establishment anointed Simpson.

I would love for Wilton Simpson to wake up knowing the full Thomas Dewey experience.

Andrew Nappi is the original Florida Tenth Amendment Center state director. Nappi was blessed to be able to work with Michael Boldin in those early days and has remained passionate about state nullification and the duty to resist federal over reach.

Full disclaimer from the author: I do not belong to any political party. Opinions herein are those of The Florida Tenther only.

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