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The front lines will be family and friends

Each passing day confirms the federal government has declared economic, psychological and gestapo warfare on the American people. In the states, their surrogates, like governors Kathy Hochul and Gavin Newsom, are telling non democrats to leave the state.

In Florida, the democrats can’t speak without calling republicans extremists, Nazis, anti-black, anti-woman. Anything less than 100% commitment to Charlie Crist’ plan to restore Florida from the fascists brands you a hater.

Destroying the American family is a communist dream. The homegrown useful idiots are at work. Remember though, so is the federal government alongside them. What do we do? What can we do?

Draw our families together. Each member should understand what is happening to them under this political oppression. Explore all areas where families will not comply and further frustrate officers of the union.

Our families will be flash points for attack like Lexington and Concord. Let’s start now preparing to repulse and subdue the homegrown commies and Joe Biden’s federal agency domestic terrorist sponsoring administration.

Andrew Nappi

Andrew Nappi is the original Florida Tenth Amendment Center state director. Nappi was blessed to be able to work with Michael Boldin in those early days and has remained passionate about state nullification and the duty to resist federal over reach.

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