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  • Joe Wolverton,J.D.

"The Founders Recipe," an Interview with Author Joe Wolverton II, J.D.

Author, speaker, writer, and scholar, Joe Wolverton II, J.D., shares introduces us to his newest book, "The Founders Recipe." Joe discusses how so many of the great thinkers whom the Founders of the United States of America could quote "chapter and verse" are unfamiliar or nearly forgotten to most Americans. He notes that once Americans again become familiar with what the Founders knew, they will again be able to see clearly the course to restore liberty and the necessary sacrifices to make to preserve and protect it. Mr. Wolverton also touched "The Real James Madison," another book he wrote, which brings to light thoughts from Madison that are also relatively forgotten. Questions from the audience are fielded at the end. "The Founders Recipe" is available here at

From the book description: Selections from the 37 authors most often quoted by the Founding Fathers. Today, the names of only a few of these men are recognizable, but to the Founding Generation, they were the men who taught them the principles of liberty they held so dear and upon which they built the several states and the union. For the first time in over 100 years, we are putting these authors and the timeless truths they taught back in the hands of Americans.The goal of publishing this book is to restore to our collective memory the key principles of liberty, with the hope that if we read what our Founding Fathers read, we might do what our Founding Father did: throw off the chains of tyranny!

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