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Solid culture war victories on the government school battlefields will precede any Florida RKBA laws

What if permit less carry never had a chance this year because the education culture wars in Florida needed to be fought while Republicans have an unstoppable majority?

What if during meetings of RPOF legislative and executive leadership it was a foregone conclusion no Florida gun bills be signed before the midterm elections?

What if Ron DeSantis knew this all along and was coy with his answers about signing a permit less carry bill?

Why do liberals and conservatives alike want to control Florida’s Soviet style government education system?

The Florida Constitution requires the state to supply monopolized school infrastructure. It also states this shall be free. Of course it isn’t free. We are all extorted to pay what left collectivists call our fair share.

This wonderful offer does not have to be accepted. We can ignore it. Choose alternative education solutions . We don’t have to control government education. We can choose to make it irrelevant in our own lives. It’s as simple as walking away.

Andrew Nappi is the original Florida Tenth Amendment Center state director. Nappi was blessed to be able to work with Michael Boldin in those early days and has remained passionate about state nullification and the duty to resist federal over reach.

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