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How will OSHA enforce the Biden mandate?

How many businesses does Joe Biden's mandate affect? The chart below counts 170,780 businesses having 100 or more employees.

The most recent OSHA inspection output is shown in the table below. Non complying businesses will face fines up to $14,000, according to a senior administration official. Enforcement will be made by OSHA. OSHA has less than 2500 employees. OSHA has not said how it will enforce this mandate.

Two easy ways of enforcement come to mind.

Voluntary compliance and state level help.

Some of the largest names in American business have already instituted mandates. You can expect many more to follow.

In Florida, for example, the Department of Business and Professional Regulation and Department of Agriculture inspectors could act as OSHA surrogates for all industry types they regulate.

Florida must prohibit the use of its resources, and that of its political subdivisions to assist OSHA. Tell your Florida state representative and Florida state senator you expect them to say NO to OSHA with a bill of non compliance.

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