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'A View From the Frontline of the Drug War' John Baeza: From undercover narc to libertarian cop

Former NY Police Department narcotics detective John Baeza at the Ron Paul Institute May conference on "Winning the War on the War on Drugs," speaking of his conversion from drug warrior to anti drug war warrior. Harrowing tales of undercover drug buys!

Watch video at this this link

Reproduced here with permission. Original presentation can be seen at This is not being used for commercial gain.

John Baeza is a retired NYPD Detective who was assigned to the Manhattan Special Victims Squad where he investigated and reviewed approximately 1,000 cases of rape, serial rape, sexual homicide, felony sexual assault, and child abuse. He became an expert in the above fields including police policy and procedure, police shootings, police use of force, and police misconduct. He is also an expert in the sub-specialty of false reports.

John was the head of Ron Paul's security team during the 2012 campaign. His newly released work, The Complete Guide to Sex Crimes Investigations will take the newest to the most experienced investigator through an entire sex crimes case from the initial call to the police to the prosecution in court to the avoidance of wrongful convictions.

The proven investigative procedures explained in this book are taken from real-life investigations during the author’s time spent investigating sex crimes and serial rapes with the NYPD’s Manhattan Special Victims Squad.

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