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A quick guide to tracking bills and committees in the Florida legislature

This is the first week of the 2022 legislative session committee weeks. A great deal of work gets done during this time.

The Florida House and Senate websites provide a way to track both bills and committees. Tracking allows you to monitor bills, committees, and individual legislators. Information packets provided contain agendas, what bill will be heard and the voting record for that bill. In most cases an audio and/or video record of the meeting is available.

The first thing required is to register.

Go to the senate website and click the tab at the top right-hand front of the page. Register in the Tracker and track the items important to you. The yellow sunburst button activates your tracking options.

You can track individual senators.

Select bills individually or by scrolling the pages of bills filed

Track senate the committee(s) you want to follow.

The Florida House tracking system is very similar.

Go to the House website.

Choose the Tracking option at the top of the page. Sign up for tracking alerts.

Once registered you can track House members, legislation, committees and statutes.

The Florida legislature is among the best money can buy. They are not looking out for you so keep your eye on them.

Andrew Nappi is the original Florida Tenth Amendment Center state director. Nappi was blessed to be able to work with Michael Boldin in those early days and has remained passionate about state nullification and the duty to resist federal over reach.


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